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Broken Window Seal? Be sure, then Fix & Repair

Broken Window Seals - Consequences & Why it Happens

Moisture in windows, condensation in windows, or foggy windows, is a result of broken window seals and exceeding the saturation point of the absorbent material (desiccant) placed inside the thermal window by the manufacturer. Over time, moisture from inside the home slowly enters through the broken window seal and builds up between the window panes of house windows to the point where condensation appears inside the window. This problem will only worsen over time with more moisture entering the home window creating poorer visibility, eventually damaging the house windows beyond repair, including the window sills.

A broken window seal is the result of putting up with a lot of abuse. The window seals have to withstand slamming and banging. They have to be flexible enough to allow the window panes to contract in cold weather and expand in hot. The seals can not stiffen and become brittle in the cold, or soften and ooze when it is warm. They have to stand up to wind, hail, rain, damaging ultraviolet rays, old age, and atmospheric pressure changes.

Do not be confused with condensation on the window inside the home verses the condensation between the window panes as a result of a broken window seal. If you can wipe the condensation from the window, it is simply moisture on the window inside the home which can be controlled with better air circulation.

When the window seal has failed or is broken, air and moisture from inside the home is drawn into the unit as the temperature drops, but only the air is expelled from the unit as the temperature rises. This daily transfer of air and moisture (solar pumping) quickly saturates the desiccant crystals inside the spacer bars to the point where the excess moisture condensates on the inside glass of the thermal panes. This is commonly referred to as a foggy window, which is the result of a failed or broken window seal.

Everyone knows a foggy window has its good and bad days
If you are uncertain as to whether your window has moisture inside it as the result of a broken or failed window seal, simply take an ice cube and rub it onto the double paned window inside your home. If there is moisture inside the window, it will condensate onto the area where you had rubbed it with the ice cube. If you can wipe the water from the window inside your home but condensation remains between the double thermal panes, your window has a broken window seal.

How to fix a broken window seal?
Or how to do a broken window seal repair? Are two frequently asked questions.
Click to learn about window seal repair, the costs, and how to remove moisture from double paned glass windows.

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