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Broken Window Seal Repair Kits - Fix Foggy Glass Windows

Welcome to Foggy Window Repair Kits!

We sell and ship Do It Yourself (DIY) Foggy Window Seal Repair Kits as well as Service Representative Foggy Window Seal Repair Kits to the United States and Canada!

From this website you can determine whether your foggy windows have broken window seals, learn how to remove moisture from double paned windows, and do window seal repairs. Fixing a broken window seal and removing the condensation from between the window panes is quick, easy, and much less expensive than window replacement costs.

These Do It Yourself (DIY) Foggy Window Seal Repair Kits come with enough supplies to repair multiple double paned windows!

And as a bonus, replacing the moist air from between the double glass window panes with dry air will restore the the window's R-Value!

We Ship To U.S. and Canada!

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